We offer shingle roofing installation in Calgary and the surrounding area.

Shingles are installed in layers on top of your roof, they are long-lasting and we can match your home’s aesthetic with plenty of options we offer.

When you hire us, you can rest easy knowing that we only use high-quality material from reputable brands and we are well experienced in shingle installation.

How Roof Shingles Work

Roof shingles are individual pieces (available in various materials)

They are laid out on your roof to overlap and create a protective layer

This layer improves your roof’s durability and provides style to your home’s aesthetic.

Shingles are typically used for homes with sloped roofs, as they are not suited for flat roofing.


EUROSHIELD® Roofing Products were created 20 years ago with the goal of diverting and recycling the tremendous deluge of used tires ultimately destined for landfill. Years of research and development led to the creation of a unique formula, containing approximately 95% recycled materials, for the production of the world’s finest synthetic roofing products available on the market today. From 250 to 1,000 rubber tires are used in the production of a EUROSHIELD® roof for an average-sized home. Scrap material generated during the installation process can be collected and recycled again – virtually eliminating environmentally harmful waste.

Euroshield® manufactures 5 types of Eco-Friendly Roofing systems… Vermont Slate HP, Vermont Slate, Beaumont Shake, Rundle Slate and Ranchlands Shake.

VERMONT SLATE HP (Hail Proof) is the exciting new “HAIL PROOF” slate-look Euroshield profile that made its debut in 2018. It is the world’s first and only factory warranted hail proof roofing material (for the first 20 years it is installed for hail impact damage resulting from hail of any size, followed by 2” diameter hail coverage for the next 30 years). Tested with 4” simulated hail to impact speeds of 183mph using Euroshield’s custom-built Ice Cannon, the Vermont Slate HP roofing panels exhibited no damage after impact. Like Euroshield’s Vermont Slate Panel Loc product, it features the new (patent pending) locking butt edge. It is a 5-section panel with a 5/16” butt edge and a 9” exposure to-the-weather.

VERMONT SLATE is Euroshield’s most realistic slate look to date. It has a rich textured surface and edge detail that accurately duplicates the detail of real slate but without the weight or expense associated with real slate. It is a 5-section panel with a 9” exposure to-the-weather and is designed to install faster than any other premium roofing product. It also features Euroshield’s new (patent pending) butt edge locking system found on the Beaumont Shake Panel Loc which gives it superior wind performance versus other roofing materials. The butt edge is ½” thick and comes in the same convenient panel form (40” wide by 20” high) as Euroshield’s Vermont Slate HP and Beaumont Shake Panel Loc offering. It is covered by a 2” diameter (or less) hail damage warranty for 50 years. It is competitively positioned between asphalt shingles and other premium roofing options such as slate, wood, metal and synthetic/plastic composite roofing.

BEAUMONT SHAKE is the latest development in the Euroshield® line of shake products. Launched in the spring of 2016, the Beaumont Shake Panel Loc features a 40″ wide panel, 1/2″ thick butt edge with a 9″ exposure and is the same low cost per square foot as Euroshield’s Vermont Slate Panel Loc. It is offered in 4 colours…Brown, Black, Grey and Driftwood (new premium colour available at additional cost) and comes in the same familiar panel-type form. It features Euroshield’s new patent-pending “Panel Loc” locking butt edge design. It is competitively positioned between asphalt shingles and other premium roofing options such as slate, wood, metal and composite synthetic roofing.

RUNDLE SLATE is designed to accurately replicate the look and texture of a traditional heavy chiselled-edge slate, but without the considerable weight and high cost associated with real slate. It comes as a 36″ wide panel, a 3/4″ thick locking butt edge and a 10″ exposure to-the-weather. Extremely resistant to both high wind and impact, it can be walked on without risk of damage and withstands the most destructive hail. Fast and easy to install. It is available in Black, Brown and Grey.

RANCHLANDS SHAKE is Euroshiled’s original shake-look product and the perfect choice for those who want the look of a heavy hand-split wood roof without the worries of premature failure due to rotting, cracking and warping. It comes as a 36″ wide panel with a 3/4″ thick locking butt edge and a 10″ exposure to-the-weather. It is available in Black, Brown, Grey and Driftwood (new premium colour available at additional cost).

  • All EUROSHIELD® products are covered under CCMC-NRC evaluation report No. CCMC 13118-R.
  • All EUROSHIELD® products are UL2218 Class IV Listed (highest rating) for hail impact.
  • All EUROSHIELD® products are covered by Euroshiled’s two inch hail damage warranty.
    (Vermont Slate HP is covered by an unlimited hail size warranty for the first 25 years, followed by 30 additional years of 2″ hail damage warranty)
  • All EUROSHIELD® products are ASTM E108 Class C Fire rated.

Why you need professional shingle installation

Shingles play an essential role in protecting your roof, they are the first line of defense. They divert water/snow away from the surface of your roof to protect your home against water damage. Acting as a protective layer they help to make sure your roof lasts longer and can resist environmental factors, which is why you want to make sure they are installed by professionals.

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curtis lee
curtis lee
Had to have siding replaced on one side of my house and some roof repair. Service was fantastic, everything went extremely smooth.
Lindsey Fiebig
Lindsey Fiebig
Niko was recommended by some of the people in my community when we were looking at getting out roof re-shingled. I sought out several quotes, and Niko’s was competitive, and has an excellent reputation in Calgary. Niko was quick to follow up with a date they could start and was only delayed one day because of weather. Vlad the owner communicated through email and text which was really helpful. The whole roof took one day with his team, and everything was done and cleaned up by 5:00pm. I was very impressed. The roof looks great, I loved the varied shingle selection, so was able to pick a colour and design that looks great. Overall, very happy with our decision to go with this company.
LuzMa Dallos
LuzMa Dallos
Excellent service. On time, very good price and different options for payment.
Erin McKenzie
Erin McKenzie
Vlad's work is perfection! He is efficient, professional, very reasonably priced, excellent attitude. I highly recommend Niko Roofing LTD. We will definitely use Niko Roofing again.
Scott Patterson
Scott Patterson
Excellent service, Vlad and his team repaired the storm damage to my siding, gutters and roof with an upgrade to class 4 shingles. The task is easy enough to do on my own however both his and his team’s professionalism and competitiveness is what sold me to use his service. We had reached out to Vlad after everyone on the street signed with the door to door roofers. Our work was done weeks earlier then everyone else and in one day. Not only will I use you going forward for repairs and recommend you but I will also use your services on my commercial jobs. Thanks Niko Roofing !
Kara Wilfley
Kara Wilfley
Vlad and his crew were professional and responsible. They repaired a leak, installed a rook, and installed two sun tunnels in short order. It looks great and we are very happy with the result!
Rob Deschamps
Rob Deschamps
Just had our very large roof done in NW Calgary. Vlad was great to deal with!! had a quote on the spot then a PDF copy was sent to me later. I did not even bother obtaining any other quotes based on my first interaction. Material was ordered and dropped off in a timely manner. Crew showed up at 7:30 in the morning and started work right away. The crew had our roof done in one day (did not think this would be possible) site left immaculate and the all the guys were very nice and courteous.